General Education Phase - School of Life Science Berufsfachschule Hamburg

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General Education Phase

In the general education phase, theory and practice are taught in equal parts in our own genetic engineering labs where each of our students has his or her own workspace and carries out his or her own experiments. Our goal is to gradually introduce our students to complex genetic engineering methods.
Lessons are taught by active instructors at institutes of higher education who have taught at the University of Hamburg for years.
Our students take the English language test TOEFL recognized in nearly 130 countries in order to prepare them for an optional laboratory station abroad. Our BTAs are taught by native speakers. In addition, our students take a manufacturer-independent European Computer Driving License (ECDL) test which is recognized in 148 countries and offered in more than 32 languages.
    Subjects Taught:
    Subject Area I (main subjects):
    biochemistry, microbiology, cellular biology, bioinformatics
    Subject Area II (practical experience):
    chemical technical experiments and biological technical experiments
    Subject Area III (secondary subjects):
    economics and society (ethics), communications and technical English
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