School of Life Science Berufsfachschule Hamburg

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Welcome to the School of Life Science,
the state-accredited vocational school of the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf (UKE) for practice-oriented, academic and international vocational training in laboratories with a focus on biochemistry, molecular biology, genetic engineering and bioinformatics.
We operate laboratories for research and instruction.
What do we offer?
84 trainee positions as state-accredited biological-technological assistants (BTA) per year for holders of a German Abitur (equivalent of a leaving certificate from an academic secondary school), retrainees, single parents and university drop-outs.
The character of a training program depends on the given circumstances and we are of strong character:
What makes us unique and sets us apart from all of the other vocational schools? Our faculty consists of scientists who are also active instructors at institutions of higher education.
What determines our quality? We teach an equal amount of theory and practice. We also have our own 529 m2 genetic engineering laboratory. Each of our students has two workspaces: one in the classroom and the other in a laboratory. To go along with that, we have a WLAN notebook for each student which can be used both in the classroom and the laboratory because a laboratory without a computer is like an office without a telephone. These are the optimal conditions for a very good education in biochemistry/molecular biology and bioinformatics.
Our international flair: Europe is growing closer together and globalization is continuing. International experience is therefore becoming more and more important. That's why our BTA students can spend part of their two-year traineeship abroad. We prepare them for this through the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) recognized in nearly 130 countries and the European Computer Driving License (ECDL) recognized in 148 countries.
Our training aspect: After a nine-month general education compenont our BTAs complete an individual year of apprenticeship and travel in which they spend four months working in each of three laboratories. Our BTAs complete their final exams in the last three months. This training structure is only available in Hamburg, Germany!
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